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What is PaprPrintr

We aim to connect DeFi with the real world. paprprintr at its core, is an algorithmic stablecoin driven by elastic expansion and burn. Inspired by Basis Cash and other predecessors, we have applied principles of those protocols and innovated our own new mechanisms that effectively maintains the $1 peg level.

How it works

  • When PAPR TWAP is over $1 for an epoch (6 hours) : A percentage of the total PAPR supply is minted. The minted PAPR is given to users who staked their PRNTR (shares) tokens depending on how many PRNTR they staked.
  • When PAPR TWAP is under $1 for an epoch :
    • PAPR minting is stopped. Instead, INK tokens (bonds) are available for sale. Users can buy INK with PAPR. For 1 INK bought, 1 PAPR is automatically burnt.
    • INK tokens can’t be redeemed when PAPR is under $1, but they can be sold at the price of PAPR² whenever PAPR goes back over $1. This is a premium mechanism incentivizing users to buy bonds and helping the price to get back above its peg. An autoburn is applied on PAPR sales, burning 100% of the rate in the process.
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Ecosystem deployed on BSC, Polygon, Fantom (soon KCC)

Peg Hard and Strong

Thinking about new DeFi products is at the core of our ecosystem. We build with the community.

Vault on demand

Want a vault ? Ask and we’ll deploy it for you.

Need a vault ?


Obelisk audited our vaults and pools. Certik audit is coming very soon for the whole ecosystem as well

Obelisk report


2021 Q2

  • ➤ Ecosystem on BSC, Ecosystem V2 on Polygon
  • ➤ Vaults release
  • ➤ Lazrprintr

2021 Q3

  • ➤ Origami Bridge
  • ➤ Ecosystem on KCC
  • ➤ Origami Audit
  • ➤ OTC Audit

2021 Q4

  • ➤ Paprjobs beta and open testing
  • ➤ Ecosystem on more blockchains
  • ➤ NFTs

Our Team

🇫🇷 Hash

Lead Solidity Developer

26, French, lives in Hong Kong, passionate about development since young, was always around a computer trying to code new stuff. Loves to sleep/eat when he doesn’t code.

avatar of 🇫🇷 Hash

🇫🇷 Lex

Lead Marketing

26, lives in France. Loves sports in general and streaming some video games when he’s not chasing new DeFi opportunities

avatar of 🇫🇷 Lex

🇫🇷 IamBlueDev

Lead Web Developer

21, French guy too. I’m currently completing my degree in engineering. I am entrepreneurial minded, working in this startup. I am compelled to develop everyday, it’s my passion and a big part of my life.

avatar of 🇫🇷 IamBlueDev

🇺🇸 Major Rawdawg

Project Manager

41, American. Loves IT/technology and spending time with Rawdawg Jr. Brings 20-years of entrepreneurial and business experience.

avatar of 🇺🇸 Major Rawdawg

🇷🇺 JacksJucks

Marketing Manager

21, Russian. Next generation civil engineer. Jacks is our mad scientist MacGyver who can take any broken idea and make it into a deadly DeFi weapon.

avatar of 🇷🇺 JacksJucks


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